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Senior Project Manager


  • BS Environmental Geology (Minor in Marine Science), State University of New York at Stony Brook
  • MS Environmental/Waste Management, State University of New York at Stony Brook


  • Professional Geologist - CA, Environmental Consulting Specialty
  • Qualified Storm Water Pollution Prevention Practitioner (QSP)
  • Asbestos Site Surveillance Technician (CSST)
  • Lead Sampling Technician


  • 20 years +

Ms. Bauer is Senior Project Manager at Air & Water Sciences, located in Petaluma, California. She has over 20 years of experience as an environmental professional. She is registered as a State of California Board Certified Professional Geologist (PG) with a specialty in environmental consulting.

Ms. Bauer manages and directs the investigation and clean-up of soil and groundwater contaminated sites from varying sources. She has managed contaminated site investigations and remediation for over 100 sites throughout California. She serves as liaison between clients and regulatory agencies and has effectively negotiated site clean-up and closure for a variety of UST and CERCLA facilities.

Ms. Bauer also has experience and certifications as a hazardous materials response technician and has managed operations at hazardous materials management facilities. She has conducts facility inspections for environmental risk and has performed dozens of Phase I and II environmental investigations.

Ms. Bauer is involved in peer and third party reviews, performs site analyses for effectiveness of investigative and response issues and cost of environmental investigations and remedial work for impacted properties. Ms. Bauer performs reviews and comments on geological and water resources issues for CEQA and NEPA projects. She researches and provides comments on soil and groundwater impacted sites for litigation.

Ms. Bauer performs facility inspections for storm water compliance and provides written comments. She is certified as a QSP (Qualified Storm Water Pollution Prevention Practitioner) and can provide sampling and consulting services on storm water compliance issues for new construction and industrial facilities.

Ms. Bauer leads indoor air quality investigations for contamination due to mold, bacteria, VOCs and asbestos and is certified as an Asbestos Site Surveillance Technician, Asbestos Building Inspector/Contractor Supervisor and Lead Sampling Technician. Ms. Bauer is also qualified in safety management and has over 20 years of performing safety oversight and management as a collateral duty.


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